Tammy Daniel - Hospital Manager


Tammy Daniel was born in Murfreesboro, TN, and raised in the Neely's Bend area, where she still resides.

She actually grew up across the street from Dr. Brannom. In February 1988, Tammy brought in her dog Beaux for chemotherapy treatments, administered by Dr. Fullerton. Beaux went into remission for years until he eventually passed away, Dr. Fullerton being his doctor throughout the entire process.

She was then offered a job at the clinic as a receptionist. After three years, she then became the office manager and has been since. She is the former president of the Madison-Rivergate Area Chamber of Commerce and is currently an active member of the Discover Madison Board. She is aids in fundraising for King's Daughters Child Development School.

She and her husband Gary have four dogs: Coe, Dazee, Otis, and Tucker, and four cats: Henry, Clyde, Lucy, and Possum. She has had large breed dogs (primarily Dobermans) all her life until she and her husband became Jack Russell enthusiasts. All of her animals are rescues. Outside of work she enjoys gardening and antiquing with her husband.

Photo coming soon!